Monday, October 19, 2009

Euro WCQ Playoffs - Updated

The draw is made, as I understand it the home team for the 2nd leg is listed first.

UPDATE - CBC was wrong and the team listed first is home to start and then away.
Ireland - France: I think that this is advantage Ireland unless the star charts tell Domenach to actually put out a solid French team. Hopefully this loss is what convinces the FFF to let Domenach go.

Portugal - Bosnia: Portugal's to lose, however they have not played well against Balkan opposition. That said I think that Bosnia are the weakest side in the draw. However with strikers like Dzeko anything could happen. Who knows maybe we could see Portugal lose to Bosnia and Begovic not named in the World Cup side, that would make me smile.

Greece - Ukraine: This is a toss up. Greece were in the easiest group in Europe and weren't able to make it, while Ukraine beat out Croatia. With the second leg in Kiev you would think it would be advantage Ukraine with Sheva there is always a chance that he will pull out one more great performance. However the Greek attack is led by UEFA WCQ top scorer and Pompey reject Gekas. This is the most interesting tie after Ireland - France.

Russia - Slovenia, Poor Slovenia. Russia were the strongest team in the draw and were going to beat any team that they were drawn against. Slovenia I think could have had a shot against any of the other three seeded teams. Tough break for the small nation. That said in Playoffs anything could happen. I will be rooting for Slovenia as once Russia are eliminated then Guus Hiddink can take over team Canada. Hey if the Slovenians can dream, so can I.


Serie_AHH said...

Giovanni Trapatoni + Luck of the Irish + Domenach = Ireland in South Africa

Russia power through Slovenia.

Ukraine squeek on through.

Portugal v Bosnia is the most interesting to me. I couldn't see myself ever cheering for Potugal but Asmir Begovic is on his own mission to find world peace I suppose. I will never hope to see Portgal win as much as I will in November. I hope that Begovic gets the call to start in goal and that Ronaldo scores 7 goals in each contest. (I can't believe I just wrote that).

Potugal wins 12-0 and Begovic plays so horribly that he is never called to the Bosnian team again.

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