Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Canada to play Poland on November 18th

You read that correctly. Canada is playing on both of the upcoming International Dates. We are playing Macedonia on the 14th of November and have now added a fixture against Poland on the 18th. I have no idea if either of these matches are going to be shown in Canada. However I am certain that the Poland match will be available on some of the grey media out there, given that much of it is run out of Poland.

Poland is not an ideal opponent as they have just dropped 20 places in the FIFA rankings to #56. While Poland are the sort of opposition that Canada should be playing (a strong side in Europe, that we have a chance of beating). It is a little frustrating that we are playing them when they are ranked artificially low. I mentioned in my previous post that we are planning to play a lot of matches. This is good for the team, but it hurts our Rankings. I would much rather have the team playing well than a high FIFA ranking. However I think that it is possible to have both. I know that scheduling friendlies is never an easy thing to do. That said Slovakia, who qualified for the World Cup after a disastrous 1-0 win in Poland where they were massively outplayed are ranked 20 spots above Canada. They are of a comparable quality to Poland, but they are ranked much higher. It would be better if we were able to play against them.

Alas what is done is done. And we have Macedonia and Poland coming up. So now the real question is who do we pick in the side? Do we bring European players in the middle of their season? Do we bring North American players who have finished their season? Do we call up some of the people with other national team options to try to sell them on Canada? It will be interesting to see what team Hart selects. Personally I am hoping that every player selected in the side will be able to play in the 2014 World Cup. That said it would be fun to line up both Klukowski and Radzinski against Poland, given that it happens to Canada all the time. So here is my starting XI for the two matches:


Ledgerwood - Edgar - Attakora - Klukowski

JDG2* - Atiba - JDG - Hume

Jackson - Hoilett**

*Why not eh? If we don't select him, I would use Will Johnson.
** Why not eh? If we don't select him I would move Hume to striker and play Issy.

Thoughts? What is your XI?


Michael said...

Looking forward to seeing the game against Poland. Go Canada! Go Poland!

Jack said...

Are you referring to Jonathan De Guzman? I thought he was officially a Dutchman?

I suppose playing games in Canada (Toronto) specifically is out of the question until April, which is rather unfortunate.

I think its a good match up...


Pompey Canuck said...

Jack - Jonathon De Guzman has previously said that he would like to play for the Netherlands. However it appears that he may be looked over by the selectors. As he is eligible to play for us, I say why not pick him. (I don't know if he would accept a call up)

Also when I talked with the CSA they mentioned that there would be friendlies in Canada next year, which will be nice to see.

Jack said...

Great, thanks for the update.

I've been following him somewhat and he has had a bit of bad luck; started out the season looking good but suffered another injury set back. He's still young though; just wondering if/when he will get out of the Eredivisie.

You're right; I thought because he played for the U21 Dutch team he was ineligible; but apparentley FIFA has changed the rules. It would be interesting to see the reception that he would get in Canada; I'm sure it would be an awkward situation for him if he has to make that decision. I think if he stays healthy for an extended period of time, he has the talent to contribute to the Dutch team.


Joshua Khang said...

why not indeed... both Hoilett and JDG2 will not be capped even if they play in the friendlies anyway. Although if they play well as a team, they may have a second thought about not playing for Canada. Start the brainwashing!!!

Serie_AHH said...

I actually think you are too critical of the CSA for booking Poland and not Slovenia. I'm sure that this match wasn't made overnight. I would think that at the time the CSA was scheduling this Slovenia hadn't yet shot up the FIFA ranks and Poland handn't stumbled.

Call up anyone that has potential to be in the starting XI for the next round of WCQ.

Why not put the call out to others who are trying to make other national teams? Worst case senario they say no. They can't play for you if you don't call them.

Joe Soccer Fan said...

I agree with the Hoilett and JDG2 selections, although I'm not sure we'll see them. Is Dani Fernandes still eligible?

I think we need to see a future 'keeper as well...would like to see Monsalve get a few minutes since he is actually in good form in Finland.

Pompey Canuck said...

I don't think that I am being too critical in saying that the next opponent should not have been Poland. The CSA's goal was to get Canada to play some quality opposition, and they have done that. I am trying to make sure that we line up against quality sides that would also help us. I am aware that friendlies are not booked in a day, there is a lot of back and forth, however a 20 place drop in the FIFA rankings doesn't happen overnight either. Poland were in line for a big drop, regardless of the outcome of their match with Slovakia.

From the CSA point of view we are playing matches against quality opposisition that is the main thing. We are just not making the most of it. Given that the flawed FIFA ranking system is what will determine how easy our route to the Hex is, we should be paying attention to it.

Pompey Canuck said...

I think that we will bring in a few young keepers. But I don't think that we need a keeper of the future for 2014. In 2014 Lars will be 35 so I think that he will be able to do the job. However we will definitely need the keeper of the future to step up for 2018, unless Lars is planning on turning into David James.

Serie_AHH said...

I don't think Canada can cap JDG2 right now and Jonathan has his sights set squarly on the Dutch team but what are the chances that Canada can cap him a few years down the road. JDG2 has been prone to injuries over the last few years and the Netherlands are a country that could afford to not call someone who could be an injury risk.

So my question is, if JDG2 doesn't get capped in say 3 years what are the chances that he rethinks his stance on joining the CMNT?

Pompey Canuck said...

JDG2 seems to be overlooked by the Dutch, and is being passed by younger players so he may start thinking about Canada.

Because of the changes in player eligibility rules, Canada can not cap any players until the Gold Cup 2011. The cruelest thing would be to have JDG2 play a few friendlies for Canada (which would not tie him to us) and then accept a call up to the Dutch side.

Serie_AHH said...

That would be another dagger so soon after Asmir. Call him if he can be capped. Don't showcase what could be our best player for anothe country.

Zach Lawton said...

Is it safe to say Gerba's spot may be in jeapordy in this squad after his finish to the TFC season?

Pompey Canuck said...

I would say so. Especially since Simeon Jackson is still scoring in League One. However I think that Gerba will receive a call up for these matches, but I would be a little surprised if he is given a start.

Anonymous said...

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