Friday, September 12, 2008

South America World Cup Qualifying – The Road to South Africa 2010

Things in South America are continuing, there were a few surprises in the last round of matches. Colombia had been playing well but was spanked by Chile 4-0, they will need to rebound quickly from this as there next match is at home to leaders Paraguay. Paraguay have continued to play well and have built up a four point lead at the top of the table. Paraguay won at home to Venezuela and drew away to Argentina but they really opened up a gap because Brazil and Argentina both drew their last matches. Brazil was at home to Bolivia, a match that they should have won easily. I am sure that even though Brazil are tied for 2nd with ten games to go Dunga must be feeling some pressure. Argentina followed up their draw at home to Paraguay with a draw at Peru. Manchester United striker got another red card for his country, which is certain to put him in the coaches bad book. Not a lot have changed since my intial predictions, despite poor results Brazil & Argentina will advance, Paraguay is looking more likely to join. Colombia are going to struggle to stay in the hunt. It will be an interesting last ten matches.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying – The Road to South Africa 2010

Group 1 - I was wrong again. T & T came out and beat Cuba in Cuba which wasn't how I thought that would go down. Cuba are in big trouble and I no longer see them advancing from this group. USA has won all of their matches and are cruising in 1st place, I would say that they are a lock for the next round. The race is on between Guatemala & Trinidad & Tobago, I think that Guatemala may have the edge here, a lot depends on when Jones is available for T & T.

Group 2 - Wrong again, this is getting old. I had predicted that Canada would get some joy from their home matches, but they are sitting in third place on one point. There is technically still a chance that Canada can progress in second place, but though I really really want it to happen, I just can't see it. I think that Mexico & Honduras will advance.

Group 3 - A ha! I finally got one right Costa Rica & El Salvador find themselves in the same situation as Mexico & Honduras in group two with the 3rd & 4th place teams 5 points back of 2nd. I see them advancing without much trouble.

The Next Stage - So the amended prediction is that USA, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, & El Salvador will make up the final six. I think that El Salvador are a team on a role and could cause some upsets along the way. Though it will likely be USA, Mexico, & Honduras that advance with Costa Rica in the playoff against South America.

Oceania World Cup Qualifying – The Road to South Africa 2010

Well I was wrong. New Calendonia didn't have a huge shock in them, let alone the two that I called for. New Zealand have wrapped up the playoff spot and have a meaningless match against Fiji while they await their Asian opponent. I can't see New Zealand beating the Asian team, but who knows maybe they have a big performance in them.