Thursday, September 11, 2008

CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying – The Road to South Africa 2010

Group 1 - I was wrong again. T & T came out and beat Cuba in Cuba which wasn't how I thought that would go down. Cuba are in big trouble and I no longer see them advancing from this group. USA has won all of their matches and are cruising in 1st place, I would say that they are a lock for the next round. The race is on between Guatemala & Trinidad & Tobago, I think that Guatemala may have the edge here, a lot depends on when Jones is available for T & T.

Group 2 - Wrong again, this is getting old. I had predicted that Canada would get some joy from their home matches, but they are sitting in third place on one point. There is technically still a chance that Canada can progress in second place, but though I really really want it to happen, I just can't see it. I think that Mexico & Honduras will advance.

Group 3 - A ha! I finally got one right Costa Rica & El Salvador find themselves in the same situation as Mexico & Honduras in group two with the 3rd & 4th place teams 5 points back of 2nd. I see them advancing without much trouble.

The Next Stage - So the amended prediction is that USA, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, & El Salvador will make up the final six. I think that El Salvador are a team on a role and could cause some upsets along the way. Though it will likely be USA, Mexico, & Honduras that advance with Costa Rica in the playoff against South America.

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