Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Circle July 11th on your calender

Big news for Pompey fans! On July 11th the period of due diligence is set to be completed. That means if no problems arise between now and then, Dr. Sulaiman Al Fahim will takeover Portsmouth Football Club. There are rumblings that a lot of behind the scenes work has been going on and that there is a manager and as many as six signings lined up. The rumour also states that these transfers that are lined up will total more than £20M, also there are not going to be any more players sold for the time being. This is finally some positive news around the takeover.

Needless to say Portsmouth supporters are going nuts trying to guess the identities of the new boss and players. On the managerial front of the people linked with the post, Hart, Redknapp, & Sven have all been ruled out. That leaves Bilić, Mancini, Curbs, & Halilhodžić linked with the post. One rumour says that the manager is currently employed which would be Bilić (Croatia) or Halilhodžić (Ivory Coast). Unless you consider the odd predicaments of Mancini & Curbs who are both still settling financial matters with their former clubs, Inter Milan & West Ham respectively. Very few players have been publicly linked with Pompey.

Update: A story this morning has ruled out Halilhodžić. Pompey Chairman Peter Storrie said: 'It's complete and utter rubbish. There's nothing in it at all.'

At this point it could really be any manger along with any players. It is all a mystery until July 11th. As for me I will keep my ear to the ground and hope that when Carlos Tevez says he is deciding between Man City and one other club, that club is us.

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