Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Asia wraps up

Asian World Cup Qualifying is just about over. So far four teams have qualified for South Africa, North Korea, South Korea, Australia, & Japan. All that is left is the playoff match up between Bahrain & Saudi Arabia. The matches between Bahrain & Saudi Arabia will take place on September 5th & 9th, with Bahrain hosting the first leg. The playoff winner will then host New Zealand on October 10th & travel to New Zealand on November 14th.

The playoff should be quite a good contest. The only team that both teams have played is Uzbekistan with Bahrain winning both of their encounters 1-0. Saudi Arabia lost in Tashkent 3-0 but won in Saudi Arabia 4-0. I will say that the advantage for the playoff goes to Saudi Arabia.

Looking at the playoff against New Zealand I don't think that it matters who they play they are in trouble. Watching them in the Confederations Cup has proven what a lot of you have told me already that they are just not a good team. But in a playoff anything can happen, if you were going to bet, I would bet on the Asian team.

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