Friday, May 29, 2009

Confederations Cup Pool

Well looking at the poll results it seems that no agreed with my pick of New Zealand to advance along with Spain and most people went with Iraq. The Iraq - New Zealand match will be the key match in the group. Which brings me to the title of this post Confederations Cup Pool, it is an opportunity to battle wits and see who can predict the outcome of the matches.

Not too long ago I was introduced to SuperBru by a friend. SuperBru is a South African pool manager that runs pools for Super XIV Rugby, The Indian Premier League (Cricket), F1, and football, namely the Confederations Cup. I have started a pool there and you invited to join. Here is the information:

Pool code: votepale
Pool name: PompeyCanuck′s Pool

If you don't know much about the Confederations Cup you can read my preview, that way you should know what I know or at least what I think.

Unfortunately there are no prizes other than to say "I kicked Pompey's ass" or "at least I am as smart as I pretend to be" so I hope that I will see you there,

Cheers & Good Luck


Sam said...

I need to regain some football credit with this pool. I'm pretty sure I've exposed myself after picking United to win 3-0 and I'm also in last in my Voyageurs Cup pool :(

Michael said...

Kevin, you need to register/log in in order to participate in the pool.

Kevin Elder said...

Sam - I don't know if you have read my old post where I predicted a number of different things including New Caledonia beating New Zealand and Canada making the World Cup, so I too am out to regain a little dignity.

Michael - Sorry bout that, but it is easier than me running an excel sheet. Since I signed up for SuperBru the only mail I have received was a reminder to make my picks. I hope you decide to join the pool, I think there are six of us at the moment.