Friday, July 10, 2015

Red & White! (Getting ready for the Pan Am Games & Gold Cup)

The Men's & Women's U23 teams start their journey to Pan Am Gold this weekend. Our Senior Men's team is already one match into their march to reclaim the Gold Cup. With this many soccer players giving their all for the Red & White, I thought I would do my (very small) bit to help the cause; I found the lyrics to the long removed youtube video of the Womens' team's song Red & White. They recorded this video before the 2011 WWC in Germany. So to inspire Canada's footballers on to a Gold Cup triumph & two Pan Am Games gold medals, here are the lyrics:

Uh huh you know what it is, World Cup, Canada, handlin' their biz Uh huh singin anthems, captains meet, flip the coin, the match starts turn on your TV, on Sportsnet you will see Red and White, Red and White, Red and White, Red and White We play it hard from the whistle to the final minute Red and White, Red and White, Red and White, Red and White

Black V, red paint, the world scared of us, they might faint. Soon as I hit the pitch, Got on my game face Kick the ball once Make the score change Other teams pissed, the crowd's roarin We deserved the dub, you know we worked hard for it. And we wont settle till we medal. We work hard everyday, till we get that world title. All this hating, talk ratios 30-1, gotta prove em wrong Gonna get that job done. Back ache, sore legs, feet hurt But gotta make it all the way to Frankfurt.

Uh huh you know what it is, World Cup, Canada, handlin' their biz Uh huh our new home is Rome, Fast feet, Mario, hate that yo-yo Gotta hit 18 or the bench will be your new scene... On the bench, on the bench, on the bench, on the bench You'll hear our coach from the Catso's to the Ma Fanculos.. From the bench, from the bench, from the bench. from the bench (DIE CARM?!) Got a call from our head coach, The starting line-ups in Our team is tight cuz it's full of fiesty players.
One's babeless, she's a freak though, We dig her biceps, so we slipped her love notes. Got mama Rhi Rhi, wearing her shinnies Hope I'm on her team so she doesn't cleat me Got a body full of blue bruises, Jodi's got it covered with those dives she uses.

Uh huh you know what it is World cup, Canda, handlin' their biz Uh huh been everywhere son. Use that experience for momentum, From the outside a group of girls might be all you see Red and white But we are truly a tight knit family Red and white

This message is gonna be organic, at that 9 point one five mark, can't get close to you. And all I can do is think of food, Diet's clean, but it's super lean We want what we can't have. Ice cream, poutine, pancakes, milkshakes And that's that. Real rap If they let us eat what we wan't we'd get fat. Now back to the field, refocus, scratch that Explosion Give up Never Here we come Germany, France, Nigeria Red and White You'll be surprised by what's coming from Canada Uh huh you know what it is World cup, Canada, handlin' their biz Uh huh can u picture it? Podium, gold medal put around your neck Don't give up, play for the team, and results will be seen Red and white Give everything you've got and strive for that top spot Red and white

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